Erickson receives 2 new orders for the S-64 Air Crane

Erickson Incorporated, a leading operator, maintainer, and manufacturer of utility aircraft, has announced new S-64 Air Crane orders to be delivered in 2020 and 2021, demonstrating further commitment by global customers to the platform.


The Erickson Aircrane crashed while refilling its water tank from a dam while working on the Thomson Complex Catchment fires near Jericho, Australia. Skip Robinson Photo
Erickson has announced new S-64 Air Crane orders from Korea Forest Service and Italy’s Vigili del Fuoco. Skip Robinson Photo

Korea Forest Service (KFS) purchased another S-64 Air Crane helicopter, which will add the K9 S-64 to its fleet. Recently, Erickson announced the delivery of K7 and K8 S-64 Air Crane helicopters to KFS. With the delivery of K9 set for 2020, this will bring KFS’s operational aircraft to seven S-64 Air Crane helicopters in South Korea.

In addition, Vigili del Fuoco (VVF), Italy, announced two S-64 aircraft sales. Erickson plans to deliver one S-64F in 2020 and the second in 2021.


Both aircraft will support VVF for firefighting and multi-mission emergency response support in Europe. These orders signal continued demand for the S-64 around the world.

“The recent acquisitions of KFS and VVF reaffirms the S-64 Air Crane as the premier forestry defense and emergency response resource. The consistent investment in product improvement and innovation has promoted customer confidence; we are thrilled to continue our partnership in supporting their critical missions,” said Justin Saxbury, senior sales director of aerosystems.

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