Entrol welcomes Heliseven to its client list

Heliseven GmbH, located in Mannheim, Germany, based in the cities of Stuttgart and Augsburg, has acquired a pre-owned H11 FNPT II MCC Entrol simulator.

Heliseven’s new Garmin GTN 650/750 avionics package has the same cockpit arrangement as its training helicopter, which is beneficial for student pilots. Entrol Photo

The Entrol H11 FNPT II MCC/IFR is based on the Airbus H135 and is located at Heliseven’s ATO in Augsburg, near Munich.

Heliseven has also signed a maintenance contract and ordered an upgrade to performance based navigation (PBN) approach with Dual Garmin GTN 750/650 packages.

This upgrade will increase the capability of the device to ensure that it can use during the initial IFR training.

“Heliseven is a mid-sized ATO with currently around 55 PPL-H and CPL-H students. To extend our training portfolio to IFR basic training and MCC training, we have acquired a Eurocopter EC-135 helicopter. Consequently, we were interested in complementing this helicopter with a synthetic training device that could achieve the highest level of credits for training,” said Harald Lohoff, Heliseven’s project manager for simulation and training in Augsburg. “The Entrol H11 FNPT II MCC simulator appeared to be the perfect solution as it offered the best performance for a given price, and it was readily available. Besides, the Entrol H11 offered an architecture that made upgrades to the latest avionics easy and affordable.

“The new avionics package with the Garmin GTN 650/750 will give us a training device that has precisely the same cockpit arrangement as our training helicopter. This similarity will be beneficial as IFR students are learning the basics with the same equipment that will they use during real training flights.”


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