Entrepreneur Building One of the Largest Helicopter Fleets in the Midwest

Fort Wayne, IN, March 2, 2015–Fort Wayne-based entrepreneur, life-long aviation enthusiast, and helicopter pilot Chuck Surack has completed the purchase of an Airbus Dauphin AS365N-2 and Airbus AS350b3e. With the addition of these aircraft, Mr. Surack adds to his rapidly growing aviation businesses and now operates one of the largest, fastest growing, most modern helicopter fleets in the Midwest.


Surack’s helicopter holdings include Helimotion, in Joliet, Illinois; Indiana Helicopters, in Goshen, Indiana; and Sweet Aviation in Fort Wayne, Indiana. He also owns Corporate Aviation Insurance Group.

The two new helicopters will join an already exceptional fleet that includes an Airbus AS355 Twin Star, two Airbus EC130s, an Airbus EC120,  a Bell 206 Jet Ranger, and an Enstrom F-28F. Beyond the large fleet, Surack’s helicopter holdings provide a full range of helicopter related services.

In addition to the aerial filming and charter services provided by Helimotion, Indiana Helicopters provides charter services throughout the Midwest, and Sweet Aviation offers helicopter training, sales and maintenance services, as well as being a factory authorized Enstrom sales and service center.

The Dauphin is used widely throughout the medical, law enforcement, and charter sectors and is highly regarded for its strength, speed and dependability. The aircraft has five executive seats, which also makes it a favorite for charters for small groups.


“This Dauphin will quickly become the cornerstone of our charter services across our companies,” said Mr. Surack. “With the peace-of-mind provided by two engines and two pilots, we will be able to ensure maximum comfort and safety for all of our VIP customers.”

The Dauphin will be the primary aircraft providing the company’s exclusive VIP Charter service for Chicago and throughout the Midwest.

With the addition of the AS350b3e, Helimotion will continue to grow its aerial film production work. The AS350b3e is regarded as an extremely flexible and maneuverable helicopter and will allow Helimotion to continue to provide excellent aerial footage for its motion picture customers.

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