Éire Aviation announces the release of GPMS’ Foresight AS350 HUMS STC

Éire Aviation recently announced that GPMS has secured the Foresight supplemental type certificate (STC) for the Airbus AS350 bringing live health and usage management systems (HUMS), flight data monitoring (FDM) and inflight rotor track and balance to the aircraft for the first time.


An example of the GPMS Foresight HUMS’ display screen. Éire Aviation Image

Éire Aviation said this is available immediately to the Asia-Pacific region through Éire as a trusted support partner of GPMS.

This STC will bring a level of safety to the AS350 that has never been available before. The system is not just a safety improvement but also a great investment with ROI’s on other models showing exceptionally good pay back timelines.


This is also the first installation with automated WiFi and cellular connectivity.

This system may have been developed for the light and medium helicopter industry but that does not mean it is light on technology. It is more powerful in many ways than the systems in the larger helicopters which have had HUMS for some time.

The AS350 is a very popular helicopter in the Asia Pacific region and Éire Aviation said it is seeing great interest already in the product.

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