East Coast Helicopter Operations revises name to Every Coast Helicopter Operations

The former East Coast Helicopter Operations (ECHO) organization, announced May 10, 2018, that the organization will be changing its name to Every Coast Helicopter Operations to encompass global membership.

While still retaining the ECHO acronym, the non-profit entity continues to grow into what is now a internationally recognized organization providing services that include training, mentoring and several ground-breaking programs not seen before the inception of ECHO in 2013. The name change will also see the organization usher in a new look logo that more accurately reflects the professionalism of all ECHO members.


ECHO was founded with a focus on providing low-cost joint training opportunities with little to no cost to public safety, air medical and military performing in a public safety, rescue or air medical roll. The organization founded on the principals of, “By flight crews, for flight crews,” as an organization focused on utilizing the wealth of knowledge and experience of individual flight programs as a way to learn collectively from each other and improve safety.

Since the organization’s first event held in Virginia in 2013, ECHO has continued its steady growth in both membership and what the organization offers the para-public sector. Expanding from what was a regional organization to an organization now providing targeted training programs such as courses in tactical flight operations, search-and-rescue, and air medical operations.

ECHO’s growth derives from the ever-increasing demand and the popularity of courses offered by the organization that can both enhance currently available training, or in some cases, offer training provided only at ECHO sponsored events.

The organization’s events have grown from a single annual fly-in, to hosting three events in 2018 with a plan to execute more. ECHO added the “Summit at Summit” event that is currently taking place this week geared towards collaborative efforts and sharing best practices in aviation leadership.

ECHO also holds a  tactical flight crew academy, held this year in Orlando, Florida, May 15 to 18, comprising of a five-day course jointly sponsored by the Seminole County Sheriff, Orlando Police, Orange County Sheriff, and Tampa Police Department Aviation Units.


Additionally, ECHO hosts an annual conference, held this year in Chattanooga, Tennessee, that will be sponsored by Erlanger Life Force Sept. 7 to 9, 2018. The annual conference brings together flight crews from para-public operations for educational opportunities aimed at both current segments and new segments of the industry not previously catered to.

ECHO remains a 100 percent volunteer organization, relying on donations and corporate sponsorship to provide its much-needed services, including the recently formed Flight-crew Assistance & Support Team (F.A.S.T.).

To learn more about ECHO, click here.

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