DTN takes helicopter weather forecasts global

DTN, a leading provider of weather-specific insights, announced on Dec. 4 that it added new aviation-specific global forecast layers to its AviationSentry Online offering, which ultimately elevates the helicopter operation experience for RotorWatch clients.


“AviationSentry and RotorWatch go hand-in-hand,” said Raj Shankar, vice president of product management. “These enhancements increase the overall value for helicopter operators on a global scale as it allows users to ensure safety with customized caution and warning levels specific to their operations.”

Helicopter operators often fly in areas miles away from official weather observation stations, leaving a gap in critical weather intelligence needed for successful flight operations.  The new enhancements fill that gap by providing flight category-specific content from a blend of observations and forecast model data.

RotorWatch allows the dispatch team or the operations control center to maintain constant situational awareness of their assets as related to real-time and forecast weather conditions found with the asset alert thresholds.

With 14 different alert parameters already in RotorWatch that are used for monitoring the real-time position of a helicopter against weather, the addition of ceiling height and visibility to the global offering creates the most complete solution available.


AviationSentry with RotorWatch is the most fully-featured asset tracking and global weather decision support tool available on the market for helicopter operators. It reduces the number of tools required to complete weather briefings, track aircraft, and manage inflight weather related risks by providing customers with a single, stand-alone solution to monitor their entire operation.

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