Drone Delivery Canada announces commercial agreement with Vision Profile

Drone Delivery Canada Corp. (DDC) has announced that with the assistance of its sales agent Air Canada Cargo, it has entered into a commercial agreement dated Sept. 9, 2019, with Vision Profile Extrusions Limited, a prominent manufacturing company, to deploy a drone delivery platform for the use of Vision between its properties in Vaughan, Ontario.

The Pilot Project will utilize DDC's drone delivery platform which includes its FLYTE management system, DroneSpot technology and its Sparrow X1000 delivery drone, which was deemed compliant by Transport Canada in late 2017. 
As part of the agreement with Vision Profile, DDC will deploy its Sparrow cargo drone on defined flight routes between Vision’s properties in Vaughan, Ontario. DDC Photo

Pursuant to the terms of the agreement, DDC will deploy its DroneSpot takeoff and landing zones as well as additional drone flight infrastructure on the Vision sites, and deploy its Sparrow cargo drone, with a capacity of up to 10 pounds, on defined flight routes between Vision’s properties in Vaughan, which routes have already been approved by Transport Canada.

Flights will be remotely monitored by DDC from its new commercial operations center also located in Vaughan. DDC expects to begin providing drone delivery services under the agreement in Q4, after deployment of the client site infrastructure is completed.

In consideration for the drone delivery services platform that DDC will provide to Vision, Vision will pay DDC a monthly fee for each drone route. Vision will also allow DDC to showcase its services platform on the Vision sites so that DDC and Air Canada Cargo may promote drone delivery services. The services will be provided by DDC for an initial term of 12 months, with additional successive one-year terms to follow unless the agreement is formally terminated.


“We are pleased to be working with Vision Profile Extrusions Limited and our sales agent Air Canada Cargo to roll out our first paid commercial project using our proven Sparrow drone, patented FLYTE system, and newly built commercial operations center,” said Michael Zahra, president and CEO of DDC. “Our focus is to commercialize our industry-leading solution. We are pleased to see the first green shoots of our plans realized and drive revenue for our shareholders. We have a robust funnel of opportunities and we expect this will be the first of many to come globally. I would like to thank our employees and partners whose dedication has allowed us to achieve this first, albeit important milestone.”

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