Donaldson receives IBF acceptance on AW139 and H130 helicopters

Remaining on the leading edge of helicopter growth in India, Donaldson Aerospace & Defense, a division of Donaldson Company, Inc., has announced the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) of India’s acceptance of its AW139 and H130 Inlet Barrier Filter (IBF) supplemental type certificates.


A Donaldson Inlet Barrier Filter installed on an AW139 aircraft. Donaldson Aerospace Photo

With the number of helicopters in India expected to increase three-fold to at least 800 within the next 10-20 years according to the Centre for Asian Pacific Aviation (CAPA), Donaldson is positioning itself to support the growing industry.

From rugged, high-altitude mountainous regions to harsh desert environments, India’s weather and terrain can prove challenging to helicopter operations. There is little room for engine power loss due to ingested dirt, dust and debris. Donaldson IBFs eliminate those hazards, keeping engines clean and avoiding power loss caused by particle ingestion.


“The high population and topography of India, paired with recent work by the government to assist growth in aviation, make this country an ideal location for growth across many sectors of the helicopter industry – charter, EMS, SAR, utility, to name a few,” said Dan Larsen, general manager, Donaldson Aerospace & Defense. “Operators in India’s harsh environments can now rely on Donaldson to provide the engine protection they need to safely execute their missions.”

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