Donaldson delivers IBFs for factory installation on new Bell 505 helicopters

Donaldson Aerospace & Defense, a division of Donaldson Company, Inc., has delivered more than 30 dry media inlet barrier filters (IBFs) for factory installation on new Bell 505 Jet Ranger helicopters. The aircraft received Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) certification in June.


“Donaldson congratulates Bell Helicopter on bringing this exciting new aircraft to market,” said Matt Fortuna, general manager for Global Aerospace & Defense. “We are proud to be Bell’s first-fit selection as standard equipment for the new Jet Ranger and to help build on this storied aircraft’s impressive legacy of success.”

The Donaldson IBF protecting the Bell 505 Safran Helicopter Engine’s Arrius 2R power plant features next-generation non-woven dry media with proprietary Ultra-Web filter media technology. This technology is key to the filter’s superior capacity to hold dust and directly contributes to reductions in maintenance requirements.


“Donaldson advanced filtration contributes to longer engine life due to elimination of erosion, reduced maintenance costs and more available power than alternate filtration systems,” said Fortuna. “Operators can fully expect to meet or exceed established TBO [time between overhaul] requirements.”

Donaldson dry media IBFs are also fast and easy to clean by rinsing with water. Convenient flat storage is an additional benefit, with a flexible filter design that conforms to the installed configuration.

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