trains first responders for safe landing zone operations

Are your landing zones (LZs) safe? How do you know? Do you have the time (or funding) to train all the first responders that you would like to about LZ safety and helicopter air ambulance (HAA) industry best practices? now offers a low-cost, effective way to annually train the “boots on the ground,” while easily verifying the safety-critical knowledge that they retain.


The editors at wrote the book for training LZ officers to run the safest LZ operations — The Landing Zone Officer’s Handbook: A Comprehensive Selection of Helicopter Air Ambulance Industry Standards, Recommendations, and Best Practices (available for Kindle and soon in paperback).

HAA pilots in command can now confidently trust a certified LZ officer to set up the safest unimproved LZs. When using certified LZ officers, LZ personnel — whether in the air or on the ground — are safer under any planned or unexpected scenario. currently administers two trademarked online exams for LZ officer certification: The LZ Officer Knowledge Exam and The Master LZ Officer Knowledge Exam. Upon successfully passing an exam, students download their official personalized LZ officer certificate, which showcases their achieved scores.

Whether testing for general LZ operations or advanced train-the-trainer, “We Got Your Six!” membership packages deliver insightful data allowing you to precisely hone in on an individual’s or unit’s level of safety knowledge; this gained insight enables you to confidently answer the question, “How safe are your LZs?”

Companies equipped with such rich data have an unfair competitive advantage and can cost-effectively focus their limited training resources on specific areas of risk, where their students may not have retained safety-critical learning topics. This feedback loop is the bedrock of improving safety cultures and maintaining the safest possible LZ operations.

The team holds regular contests and a Photo of the Month Competition, and believe that every LZ officer deserves a sticker.


The team delivers reflective safety sticker awards based on your students’ exam scores. Platinum, gold, silver, or bronze stickers showcase trainers’ or first responders’ LZ skills while promoting camaraderie and fun competition amongst crews and other departments. It’s not always kind to brag, but sometimes it is fun! Who will be the best LZ officer?

“ believes in profit with a purpose and donates a portion of its revenue to first responder charity organizations,” said CEO Russell Dudek, who once lead the nation’s largest Amazon Distribution Network to a first place safety rating. brings the same customer centricity to its customers, the nation’s underfunded first responders and its HAA LZ operations. As you walk away after a long day of LZ training, you can now have peace of mind that your lessons stuck.

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