CHI Aviation gains Type Certificate for CH-47D Chinook

CHI Aviation is pleased to announce the completion of the Federal Aviation Administration’s process for acquiring a Restricted Category Type Certificate (TC) for the CH-47D. The type certificate was granted to Tandem Rotor, LLC, an affiliated company of CHI Aviation.

CHI Aviation will continue to develop the CH-47D as a helitanker and for super heavy-lift external load operations. Skip Robinson Photo
Previously operating its CH-47Ds under Billings Flying Service’s Restricted Category TC, CHI Aviation will continue to develop the aircraft as a helitanker under its own TC. Skip Robinson Photo

In a statement by Chris Turner, president, “We are very pleased to have been awarded the TC for this extraordinary helicopter. This now gives us the flexibility to continue to tailor this aircraft for missions it will excel at. As we continue to work under an agreement with Boeing, as well as our in partnership with Summit Aviation, CHI will bring this aircraft to its full potential as a helitanker and in super heavy lift external load applications.”

Patrick Pilolla, CHI’s director of business development, commented, “The TC is a wonderful acquirement. This achievement, coupled with the ongoing successes of our sister companies, Airborne Suppression Technologies and Helimax Aviation, brings forward the next generation of helicopter aerial firefighting and super heavy lift. The timing is perfect as we are in the final stages of manufacturing and testing the latest concept in a Constant Flow Internal Fire Suppression System for the CH-47D. With its increased payload and altitude performance, along with this new generation of fire tank, we are going to make our customers around the world very happy.”


Incorporated in 1980, CHI is a leader in global helicopter operations including light, medium, heavy and super heavy lift. The company is part of Heligroup Holdings LLC, which specializes in transportation of people and cargo by helicopter and fixed-wing, along with aerial firefighting, NVG, SAR, HVAC placement and aerial construction applications. With an impeccable safety record of 36 accident-free years, Heligroup’s companies have received excellent ratings from the U.S. Forest Service, Department of Interior and Department of Defense. Heligroup consists of CHI Aviation, Helimax Aviation, Preferred Avionics, Airborne Suppression Technologies and Tandem Rotor LLC.

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