Carter Announces Change to R&D Philosophy


Carter Aviation Technologies (Carter) of Wichita Falls, TX is announcing a change to their pure, R&D philosophy. For more than 13 years Carter has concentrated on research and development that would facilitate their efforts to bring Slowed Rotor/Compound (SR/C) Aircraft to the marketplace. Carter’s patented, SR/C technology combines the vertical take-off and landing capability of a rotorcraft with the high-speed efficiency of a fixed-wing aircraft. With more than a decade of proof testing and data collection through prototype flight-testing, Carter has developed designs for several SR/C aircraft. Carter has always maintained that they would remain a research and development company with the intention to license their technology to qualified manufacturers. Their position was in consideration of the fact that their expertise is R&D not manufacturing, and there is a tremendous amount of development still needed to implement many of their future aircraft design concepts – especially larger military and commercial aircraft. However, Carter has now announced that they will take a more active part in bringing their technology into production.

“I think it’s natural for any company to want to see as many of their ideas as possible through to fruition,” remarked Jay Carter, Jr., President and Chief Design Engineer at Carter. “In the past few years we have had increased interest in our technology from many companies and individuals from around the world. In talking to potential manufacturers, however, we have found that our technology is thought to be ‘too new’ and there is a feeling that they would have to spend too much time and money learning what we already know. Our main goal, of course, is to see our technology in use in the industry. For that reason we have decided to amend our licensing policy to one of potential partnerships for production. In this way Carter can provide the expertise for design integration including the building of production prototypes and the manufacturing partners can provide the production expertise, chain of distribution and sales.”

Carter has reported that interest in their aircraft designs has increased dramatically since the new Personal Air Vehicle (PAV) design was released and since the CarterGyro demonstrated an amazing, vertical, jump take-off to over 150 feet this past January. In keeping with their new Partners in Production policy, Carter has updated several pages on their website including the Placing an Order page. For more information on Carter and their SR/C Aircraft designs visit:


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