Cadorath expands its Honeywell T53 offerings with the addition of 63 extended repairs

Through focused efforts with customers and Honeywell, Cadorath developed 63 extended repairs on over 25 Honeywell T53 part numbers in early 2018.


Specifically, Cadorath now offers bearing surface restoration on over 15 components that would otherwise be deemed non-repairable due to in-service wear. All of these extended repairs have been designed in house by Cadorath’s engineering team and are approved by the Federal Aviation Administration.

“The effort to expand our extended repair capabilities is just one way Cadorath continues to bring our level of excellence to the T53 market,” stated Shane Zakaluk, director of engineering of Cadorath. “Providing solutions that are safe, reliable and cost effective is one of the ways we show our commitment to our customers and their needs.”


Cadorath looks to continue working closing with Honeywell and the Channel Partner network to further increase its T53 capabilities through 2018 while ensuring the superior customer service the Cadorath reputation is built on.

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