Cadorath approved to repair & overhaul M250 Series IV outer combustion case

Cadorath, in partnership with Rolls-Royce, has announced the design and approval to provide repairs and overhauls to the M250 Series IV outer combustion case (OCC). Overhauls will include repairs to the fuel boss and replacement of the existing wire mesh patches with new reinforced dual wire mesh patches.

Pictured is the outer combustion case for the Rolls-Royce M250 Series IV engine. Cadorath Photo

On Oct. 28, 2018, a mandatory requirement was issued to comply with a commercial engine bulletin (CEB) at the next scheduled overhaul of the turbine or the 2,000-hour inspection. The part number affected by the CEBs is 23030911.

The following CEBs detail the compliance requirements:

  • C28 – CEB A-72-2219
  • C30 – CEB A-72-3305
  • C40B – CEB A-72-5073
  • C47 – CEB A-72-6086
  • C47E – CEB A-72-7003

Cadorath performs 100 percent of the repair of this component in house at its facility in Broussard, Louisiana. The repair introduces a new braze alloy and application procedure for the existing wire patch replacement to provide compliance with the CEBs.


“The new alloy produces superior reliability and consistency,” said Shane Zakaluk, director of quality and engineering at Cadorath. “We worked very closely with both Rolls-Royce and an industry leading expert in the Furnace Braze field to complete the design.”

“Since the release of the CEB, there has been considerable urgency for this repair,” said Larry Barkley, director of operations at Cadorath. “The completion of this project reaffirms our commitment to the Rolls-Royce FIRST Network as well as all M250 operators and maintainers globally.”

Cadorath is a family-owned and operated company that provides superior solutions and products to a global client base through its Canadian office in Winnipeg, Manitoba, and its U.S. offices in Lafayette, Louisiana, and Orion, Illinois.

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