Boost Systems announces FAA-approved personnel carrying device systems

Boost Human External Cargo Systems — a leader in the provision of advanced, fully-certified human external cargo (HEC) systems and services for the rescue, utility, public safety and defense sectors — has announced it is offering personnel carrying device systems (PCDS) that are fully compliant with Federal Aviation Administration FAR 27.865/ 29.865.


Jeff Yarnold, vice president of operations for Boost Systems clarifies that his company’s PCDS equipment includes every component below the hooks used in either HEC or hoisting operations. They include long lines, lanyards, work harnesses, evacuation harnesses, evacuation bags and various other items; and all meet the requirements of Title 14 Subsection 27.865/ 29.865.

Yarnold said that all Boost Systems’ certified PCDS come with instructions for continued airworthiness and component history record sheets to facilitate seamless integration with an operator’s maintenance program. Additionally, Boost Systems offers operators training that is tailored to their equipment and mission profile to help ensure they are current with the latest procedures, and have detailed familiarization with the PCDS products they employ.

Boost Systems’ mission is to advance the safety, capacity, technology and availability of certified and compliant human external cargo equipment used by rescue and utility operators around the globe — fully supported with operationally tailored training programs.


Boost Systems offers an approved PCDS for use with both HEC and hoisting operations as well as HEC systems for the Airbus AS350, AS355, H125 and H135; Bell 206L, 407 and 212/412; and MD 500 helicopters.

Additional HEC systems under development by Boost include the, Bell 205, 214, UH-1H and 505, and Airbus H-145/BK-117/BO-105 helicopters.

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