Bluedrop signs over $5.5M contract as part of CFTS Program

Bluedrop Performance Learning Inc. (Bluedrop) through its subsidiary, Bluedrop Training & Simulation Inc., has received a contract of over $5.5 million from KF Aerospace Defence Programs, operators of the Canadian Forces flight training program in Southport, Manitoba, to deliver a new Bell 206 Level 7 flight training device (FTD) for the Contracted Flying Training and Support (CFTS) Program.


This new Level 7 FTD will provide the helicopter pilots with the most up-to-date flight training simulator available, equipped with a 220-degree field-of-view visual system and six degress of freedom cueing and vibration systems. The simulator will be installed at the CFTS Training Centre as part of the flight training program led by KF Aerospace Defence Programs and supported by Bluedrop Training & Simulation, Canadian Helicopters Ltd., and Canadian Base Operators.

Located in Southport, Manitoba, the CFTS program has a majority role in training 80 percent of new pilots in the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) every year.


“We are very pleased to be a trusted member of the CFTS Program supplying, integrating and supporting state-of-the-art training devices for the air force,” said Jean-Claude Siew, vice president of technology and simulation, Bluedrop Training & Simulation. “This project underlines our extensive capabilities as a complete training systems integrator.”

This new project is part of a larger scope of work that sees KF Aerospace Defence Programs and Bluedrop providing the RCAF`s primary, rotary-wing and multi-engine pilot training until 2027.

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