Bitcoin takes off with Revolution Aviation flight school

Based at John Wayne Airport in Santa Ana, California, the helicopter and airplane flight school Revolution Aviation — also known by its popular registered trademark “EatSleepFly” — has announced that it is now accepting bitcoin payments.


According to CEO Mark Robinson, several of Revolution Aviation’s students have invested in the digital cryptocurrency, which has skyrocketed in value over the past year. With the use of bitpay, Revolution Aviation can now start accepting bitcoin payments from students whose investments are varied and who wish to use the cryptocurrency for payment.

Bitpay’s ability to limit the amount of bitcoin accepted per transaction, and to make immediate deposits to users’ bank accounts in their chosen currency, played a role in the flight school’s decision.


“I believe we’re the first flight school in America accepting bitcoin,” said Robinson. “For something new to be a currency it has to be limited or controlled, hard to fake, easy to transfer and accepted. It seems that bitcoin is ticking the boxes and integrating its way to society.”

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