Austrian Air Force selects AEM master caution panel for AB212 fleet

Anodyne Electronics Manufacturing Corp. (AEM), in partnership with Adams Aviation, has announced the selection of its MCP01 next-generation master caution panel by the Austrian Air Force (AAF). The Austrian Air Force is utilizing the plug-and-play replacement for the OEM panel to assist in the life extension of its AB212 fleet.


The plug-and-play replacement of AEM’s MCP01 master caution panel for the OEM panel provides a life-extending solution for the AAF’s fleet of AB212s. Bundesheer Fotos/Flickr Photo

Incorporating its requirement for night vision imaging system (NVIS)-compatibility, AEM produced a unique variant of the MCP01 specifically for the Austrian Air Force fleet, including spares and maintenance capabilities as part of the program.

The AAF selected the AEM solution for up-front cost-effectiveness, ease of integration, and product dependability.


“The Austrian Air Force needed a reliable solution that not only fit their budget, but provided stability during the life-extension of the aircraft,” said Tony Weller, director of sales and marketing with AEM.

All product deliveries and installation are scheduled for completion before the end of Q3 2019.

On the part of the AAF, the MCP01 represents the best solution and fulfills all the criteria mentioned above. The cooperation with the company was excellent; customer-specific requests were implemented very quickly and led to an excellent result, the AAF said.

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