ATP and Snap-on Industrial announce new partnership

Advanced Torque Products (ATP) and Snap-on Industrial announce a partnership that will expand their presence and networks within the aerospace industry.

ATP brings expertise and experience in high torque, high accuracy applications. It offers both products and services, including the design and fabrication of custom tooling.


Sold through its expert and extensive sales network, Snap-on Industrial offers a broad assortment of torque and other specialized aerospace industry tools and equipment, which will now include ATP’s line of Digital Torque Multipliers. Together Snap-on Industrial and ATP will enhance the ergonomics and precision of numerous aerospace industry operations, and the safety and comfort of aircraft and passengers.

Snap-on Industrial is a division of Snap-on Incorporated, a leading global innovator, manufacturer and marketer of tools, diagnostics, equipment, software and service solutions for professional tool users. ATP was founded in Connecticut in 2000. It is now located in Newington, Connecticut, where it designs, manufactures, and assembles its Digital Torque Multipliers and other products.

ATP, an ISO 9001-certified company, offers high quality torque and measuring equipment. It designs, manufactures and calibrates precision torque tools for a multitude of applications across numerous industries. The company works closely with its customers to apply advanced technology to refine fastening processes and ultimately improve clamping accuracy and process efficiency.


ATP offers an extensive range of torque tools, including click-out and clutch-out wrenches, socket wrenches, torque checkers, and rotary load cells. The company specializes in AeroTorque Digital Torque Multipliers, capable of outputting high output torque with industry leading accuracy, simplicity, and durability.

All ATP products can be customized to meet customer specifications, ensuring maximum compatibility across a wide range of applications. ATP will develop custom drive adapters and torque reactions to meet the specific needs of your application.

ATP is dedicated to the constant innovation and perfection of its Digital Torque Multipliers to meet all the stringent demands of the aerospace industry.

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