Arlene Feldman Appointed President of New Jersey Aviation Association


Arlene B. Feldman has been appointed President of the New Jersey Aviation Association, an organization dedicated to the promotion, enhancement, and protection of New Jersey’s aviation industry.

Ms. Feldman, a strong supporter and friend to the helicopter community, was formerly the Administrator of the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) Eastern Region. Prior to her various positions with the FAA, she served as the New Jersey Director of Aeronautics.

Ms. Feldman has been honored by HAI, and has worked closely over many years with the Eastern Region Helicopter Council.

Over the years, she has helped to establish a number of heliports and helistops. Ms. Feldman also sat on the FAA’s heliport design team, and helped to prevent legislation that would have been detrimental to the helicopter industry. She is also a lifetime honorary member of the New England Helicopter Pilots Association.


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