Airbus Foundation supports Bolivian efforts to fight fires in Amazon

The Airbus Foundation, in collaboration with the French Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs’ Crisis and Support Centre, is supporting Bolivia’s efforts against the severe fires currently affecting the country.


Two H125 helicopters operated by HeliAmerica have dropped more than 500 tonnes of water on the fires in the Bolivian Amazon. Airbus Photo

An Airbus A330neo test aircraft transported 38 firefighters of the French Civil Security and equipment from Vatry, France, to Bolivia. They will participate in fighting the fires which have already ravaged more than two million hectares of the Bolivian Amazon.


In cooperation with HeliAmerica, a Bolivian helicopter operator based in St. Cruz department, the Airbus Foundation has offered 45 helicopter flight hours to assess the affected areas. The aircraft have also been used to actively fight the fires with the help of the Bambi Bucket equipment, which can drop up to 800 liters of water per trip.

From Sept. 3 to 5, two single engine H125s operated in the area of Concepción, in the Eastern part of the country, dropping more than 500 tonnes of water. The operation has contributed to limit the fires and to prevent them from getting into the communities in the area. Some additional flight hours will be confirmed in the next days.

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