AEM releases two new loudspeaker amplifiers


Anodyne Electronic Manufacturing Corp. (AEM) has released two new loudspeaker amplifiers, the LSA150 (150W) and LSA300 (300W).

Anodyne Electronics Manufacturing Corp.'s LSA150/LSA300 Loud Speaker Amplifier.
Anodyne Electronics Manufacturing Corp.’s LSA150/LSA300 Loud Speaker Amplifier. AEM Photo

These amplifiers are derived from the successful LSA400 and are optimized to work with the compact TS Series speakers.


“These two new amplifiers and related speakers give our customers an affordable and technically superior option to the legacy PA110 (110W) and PA220 (220W) based systems,” said AEM sales manager, Tony Weller.

AEM will continue to supply and support both the PA110 and PA220 legacy amplifiers and related systems.

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