AEM and Airbus Helicopters collaborate on 600W Loud Speaker system

Airbus Helicopters Inc. has received a Federal Aviation Administration supplemental type certificate (STC) for installation of Anodyne Electronics Manufacturing Corp.’s (AEM’s) 600W Loud Speaker system on Airbus H125/AS350B3 series helicopters.


A Seminole Co. (Florida) Sheriff's Office Airbus H125 flies over water.
A Seminole Co. (Florida) Sheriff’s Office Airbus H125 flies over water. AEM Photo

The STC represents the culmination of more than 10 months of effort by the two companies to install, integrate, and certify the loudspeaker system on the H125/AS350B3 series helicopter.

“We see this as a ‘win-win-win’ for AEM, Airbus Helicopters, Inc., and our mutual customers,” said Steve Broderick, Sales and Business Development with AEM.


“The AS350 is the helicopter of choice for the airborne law enforcement market and AEM’s 600W Loud Speaker system is the new standard for this type of role equipment. It made sense to bring the two together and we are very pleased that Airbus Helicopters, Inc. was willing to work with us on the project.”

The 600W Loud Speaker system is comprised of AEM’s LSC22-001N Controller, LSA400-001 Amplifier and LS600-200 Loud Speaker.

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