U.S. Helicopters Takes Delivery of an American Eurocopter AS350 B2

American Eurocopter has delivered a new AS350 B2 AStar aircraft to U.S. Helicopters, Inc.

U.S. Helicopters, Inc. based in Marshville, N.C., is one of the largest operators of electronic news gathering helicopters in the country. The company has served dozens of major television stations located in cities in most of the lower 48 states.
Over half of U.S. Helicopters, Inc. fleet consists of American Eurocopter AS350 series aircraft. The first was purchased in 1995, after a meeting between the former president of American Eurocopter, David O. Smith, and U.S. Helicopters, Inc. president Cress Horne. That first AS350BA was delivered to a station in the Tampa area by Horne and Judd Chapin, the companys first AS350 pilot, where it is still in service today.
The new AS350B2 is part of an ongoing fleet modernization program by U.S. Helicopters, Inc. It will replace an AS350BA operated in support of a Chicago-area television station since 2001. 
Our plan is to continue to upgrade our current fleet and add even more AS350B2s as we move forward, said Horne, founder and CEO of U.S. Helicopters, Inc.

We are grateful for the continued business from U.S. Helicopters, Inc., said Treg Manning, American Eurocopter vice president of Commercial Sales and Marketing. Even though helicopter services are generally the first to go when television stations cut budgets, U.S. Helicopters, Inc. has remained a loyal customer. They have found that the AS350 meets their needs by providing high performance, extended range, flexibility and reliability. 

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