Sharing Feature Helps Job Seekers

Fort Worth, Texas (August 2, 2012) – JSfirm.coms, Forward-To-A-Friend feature is the #1 way to find a job. Forwarding information on the internet is not new but the reason it works on is because aviation is a community, not just an industry, Jeff Richards commented.

Richards said, When a company posts a job on it circulates through hundreds of Private Networks. The Private Network produces a here is a job lead – I know the GM over there vs. the typical is this job real? scenario.
Richards explained, Job Seekers constantly tell us the big job board aggregators on the internet are a difficult place to find real jobs and quality job leads are generated from word of mouth, niche websites and through Private Networks. promotes Private Networks and invests heavily in developing our niche job distribution network; producing better qualified applicants for our member companies. We pride ourselves on the fact that our website continues to match thousands of aviation professional and hiring companies.
Why is this important? Richards summarized, “In the aviation community, our professionals like to pass job leads to fellow qualified aviation professionals. Helping a friend is another critical component of our proven jobs board. We track hundreds of jobs filled using Forward-To-A-Friend and oh yeah Mikes friend actually did get the job!

About is the largest aviation job distribution network in the world. Founded in 1999, they have been providing service to the aviation industry. is a free service to Job Seekers. The companys comprehensive website includes access to job postings, direct email of new employment opportunities, free resume builder and networking tools. Companies receive direct access to resumes, management tools, and unlimited job postings with multiple user capabilities and a dedicated Account Manager to help plan a companys candidate search program. For more information, visit: or call one of our two locations at 724-547-6203 or 817-560-0300.

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