Sikorsky S-100 registration confirmed as SB-1 Defiant

Lockheed Martin has confirmed that the Sikorsky S-100 rotorcraft registered with the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) last week is, in fact, the Sikorsky Boeing SB>1 Defiant.

SB>1 Defiant in flight
Based on Sikorsky’s X2 technology, the SB>1 Defiant will feature rigid coaxial main rotors and a clutched rear pusher prop. Lockheed Martin Image

The news of the registration — for N-number N100FV, serial number 0001 — was first reported by Helihub. A spokesperson for Sikorsky parent company Lockheed Martin confirmed to Vertical that the registration is for the compound helicopter that Sikorsky and Boeing are developing for the U.S. Army’s Joint Multi-Role Technology Demonstrator (JMR TD) program, a precursor to the Future Vertical Lift (FVL) program that aims to modernize the Army’s rotorcraft fleet.

“Yes, the registry application for S-100 is referring to the Sikorsky-Boeing SB>1 Defiant,” the spokesperson said. “Our team is following the FAA’s process for how they formally designate experimental aircraft; however, we will continue to use SB>1 Defiant when describing our aircraft asset.”


The SB>1 is based on Sikorsky’s coaxial X2 helicopter, which achieved speeds in excess of 250 knots during demonstration flights in 2010. Sikorsky and Boeing have partnered on the SB>1 as the basis for a medium-lift FVL aircraft, which could eventually replace the Army’s existing Sikorsky UH-60 Black Hawks and Boeing AH-64 Apaches.

Sikorsky is also using X2 technology as the basis for its smaller S-97 Raider, which it is developing for a possible FVL light application. The company has described the Raider as also serving as a “risk reducer” for the SB>1 Defiant, which is expected to make its first flight this year.

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