BHA: EHA Helitech decision unrelated to BHA deal

David Stubbs, chairman of the British Helicopter Association (BHA), has told Vertical the European Helicopter Association’s (EHA’s) decision to part ways with Reed Exhibitions on the organization of Helitech is unrelated to an existing BHA-Helitech agreement.


Stubbs’ comments were in reaction to Vertical’s story on the upcoming changes for the Helitech International convention, in which a source familiar with the show’s history claimed a deal between the EHA and Reed could not be reached “partly because of an agreement” between Reed and the BHA.

“You were mistaken to suggest BHA’s long standing involvement with Helitech, going back 32 years, and more recently any agreement we may have with Reed, have had any bearing on the EHA’s decision not to renew their contract with Reed in relation to future Helitech shows,” Stubbs told Vertical.

“I can confirm that BHA’s relationship with Reed and the future of Helitech, to be renamed Vertical Flight Expo, will continue for the foreseeable future and we are delighted to maintain that relationship; we look forward to next’s year show in Farnborough.”

BHA is sponsoring the show as a national association, promoting it to its membership “and the wider helicopter industry,” Stubbs added.


Asked why the Farnborough International exhibition and conference center, chosen to replace London ExCel, will be a good venue, he emphasized its ability to offer both an airfield and a convention center. “It is an aviation location and we have missed the opportunity for those attending the show to fly in and for exhibitors to conduct demonstration flights,” he explained, adding that this was supported by feedback he has received from “a number of people” attending the show in London in 2017 and “from the wider BHA membership.”

At Farnborough, “we now have a facility that offers the same quality exhibition space as Excel but located at an airfield,” Stubbs said.

The brand-new Farnborough International center was built by the organizers of the Farnborough air show.

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