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Mission driven solutions

As the pace and mission requirements of law enforcement, emergency medical service (EMS) and search-and-rescue (SAR) operations continue to expand, the need for clear, reliable communications has never been more critical.

Missions change. Circumstances change. Environments change. The support, commitment and dedication of the leadership team of Technisonic Industries, however, does not. Whether you fought the record forest fires in California or responded to the hurricanes in the Carolinas and Florida, Technisonic was there with you.

Focusing on special-mission communications for more than 20 years, Technisonic has made its name because of its diligence and leadership in providing a suite of the most dependable, fully customizable, scalable and relevant radio and audio solutions available. However, it’s Technisonic’s commitment to supporting the operators and departments it is honored to call its customers that truly drives the company.

Whether you are buying a brand new radio or audio panel or operating the very first one, it is Technisonic’s continuing mission to always provide you with the very best support the company can offer. The world of land mobile communications is complex enough, add in the demands of flight operations, EMS, SAR and law enforcement activities and things can become pretty overwhelming. That’s why Technisonic continually holds training events for its operators and dealers. It also goes one step further: it gets directly involved in the problems and challenges these complex systems and installations can sometimes throw at crews and installers. It is this commitment to its customers that has led to the selection of Technisonic’s products in more than 2,000 installations.

Technisonic remains committed to introducing scalable solutions with its all-new Multi-Purpose Communications Ports (MCP), now available on all TDFM-9000 series radios. This new technology allows operators to not only connect to external communication sources but also integrate those technologies and capabilities right into the radio itself.

“With MCP, Technisonic has developed a product that is upgradeable, scalable and updateable to meet the ever-changing new technologies, requirements and hardware platforms that are introduced almost continually,” said Jim Huddock, Technisonic’s business development manager. “New communication technologies such as satellite PTT [Push-to-Talk], FirstNet and LTE are just a few of the recent considerations and technologies coming to the market. MCP allows us to quickly accommodate, and in some cases integrate these products directly into the TDFM radio. This allows us to enhance our customers’ radios and mission capabilities simultaneously.

“It has never been Technisonic’s philosophy to stop there. Just because a capability exists, does not mean that it fulfils the mission’s operational requirements. Sometimes the mission requires three, four or five of the different communication technologies, all working independently or in tandem to make an operation a success. That is why all of Technisonic’s products are scalable and mission-driven by design.”

The TDAP-611 mission audio panel the company introduced in 2018 is a perfect example of integrating technologies into a single platform. The TDAP-611 supports eight transceivers, six receivers and a dedicated PA (public address) position in a lightweight, space- and budget-conscious analog audio panel. With thoughtful features like dual intercoms, built-in alerts and standard night-vision-goggle compatibility, operators never have to compromise on the critical communications requirements of the mission. Developed for the single-engine-rotorcraft, special-mission market, this audio panel has proven itself as an excellent selection for performance-minded departments and operators.

Technisonic’s leadership team understands that features and functions alone are not all that is required to help operators complete their missions. Operators need service, dedication and commitment after the sale. That is why Technisonic ensures its customers are fully trained and supported in their use of all its products.

“We’re pretty insistent that our operators are trained on the product and understand how the product works,” said Huddock. “That’s one of the hallmarks of the company.”

Technisonic also goes the extra mile when partnering with industry-leading companies, such as RAMI (R.A. Miller Industries) on antenna designs and solutions, and Latitude Technologies for satellite integration.

It also offers design consultation and provides its customers with access to experts in land mobile radio and technical support. Technisonic’s product support commitment is unprecedented in the industry. It is the company’s emphasis on reliability and usability that truly directs its path.

“We know reliability is paramount,” said Huddock. “Engineering to quality control, sales to support, our commitment is to the customer. If a customer does have a problem or if we find a feature that’s missing, we’re pretty quick to address that. Our team is focused on the core communication aspect of the mission. Whether it’s a federal aircraft, law enforcement, EMS or a forestry operation, communication is always a critical mission requirement. Without reliable communications, the mission can’t go, and that is something that Technisonic takes very seriously.”

Technisonic will be showcasing its new TDFM-9000 with MCP technology and the TDAP-611 at Heli-Expo 2019. The company encourages and wants to hear from its operators at the show.

Said Huddock: “That’s the true and largest value, as well as the best part of any show, getting to talk with the folks operating our equipment every day, because that’s what gives us the insight and the inspiration for the next update or product. We can take valuable field experience from that insight and act on it.”

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