Dart meets global demand

When you’re an internationally-respected maker of helicopter equipment including flotation devices and landing gear like Canada’s DART Aerospace, it isn’t surprising that the world beats a path to your door.

This has been the case with DART Aerospace for years, an esteemed, customer-focused company that serves a global clientele out of its headquarters in the Ontario community of Hawkesbury, east of Ottawa. Its recent customers include the Austrian Ministry of Defence and the Canadian Coast Guard–two high-profile clients who demand the very best.

But given DART Aerospace has sold products in more than 100 countries around the world, it also makes sense for the company to serve its worldwide client base on their own turf.

This is an idea the company has embraced, part of a commitment to continually expand its global presence in response to customer demand–a process DART staff refer to as, “aiming to set foot around the world.”

Global reach

A key part of that commitment is the recent decision to open sales offices in London, U.K., and Sydney, Australia. As with many other day-to-day decisions, this exciting new venture is a product of the company’s deeply-held desire to serve the industry better, no matter what it takes.

“Our goal in going global is to be closer to our customers, so that they have faster access to whatever they need from us,” said Steve Ghaleb, DART Aerospace’s vice president of commercial operations.

“We are also broadening DART’s position in the market to better serve sectors such as offshore and utility by offering more completed product lines targeted to selected missions.”

This extended presence enhances the company’s existing support to all types of civil and military operators, all major rotorcraft original equipment manufacturers, completion centers, and maintenance, repair and overhaul facilities.

Committed to excellence

DART Aerospace also has extensive experience collaborating with the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration, European Aviation Safety Agency, Transport Canada, and other authorities to obtain certification approvals of its products. The company has garnered more than 850 supplemental type certificates to date.

The decision to open international sales offices in Europe and Asia-Pacific builds upon DART’s existing network of partnered service centers, and three North American centers of manufacturing excellence. It also brings more attention to the company’s signature lines of flotation devices, landing gear, and tools for all makes and models of rotorcraft.

A case in point: Since 1995, DART Aerospace has designed and certified more than 30 proprietary emergency flotation systems for helicopters; products known as “inflatables” that the company manufactures itself.

“We have become known as a North American leader in emergency flotation systems and liferafts,” said Ghaleb. “DART Aerospace has won this title by offering exclusive technologies to the helicopter and aerospace sectors such as Tri-Bag Float Systems, and Emergency Float Systems with Integrated Liferafts and single inflation reservoirs. Not only do these flotation systems ensure aircraft, pilot, and passenger safety, but their lightweight designs save fuel while significantly reducing drag and maintenance costs.”

Perfecting the product

Among DART Aerospace’s new flotation products is a lightweight emergency float system with integrated liferafts made for the Leonardo AW139. Available with 10- or 12-person liferafts, this system is said to be up to 75 pounds (34 kilograms) lighter than competing flotation packages and requires only half as many maintenance inspections.

The AW139 Emergency Flotation System’s carbon covers sit flush with the airframe, reducing drag while improving esthetics. It is supplemented by the new DART AW139 Heavy Duty Heli-Duty-Step; the new AW139 Quick Release Maintenance Step, which serves as a secure work platform; and the AW139 High Capacity Cargo Net, which is said to have 30 percent more capacity than competing products.

DART Aerospace is also an industry leader in all aspects of helicopter landing gear, offering a wide variety of product lines, including more than 500 landing gear kits and related accessories.

That’s not all: DART Aerospace’s line of helicopter maintenance tools and ground support equipment is incredibly large, with more than 3,500 items available for most popular helicopter models.

“With our vast selection and well-stocked inventory, we can accommodate our clients’ most urgent needs, at economical prices, and offer competitive lead times for your orders,” said Ghaleb. “If there is a tool you need that doesn’t exist, we have the manufacturing expertise to make it for you.”

The bottom line

All told, DART Aerospace is an enterprising maker of helicopter and aerospace products, always pushing the envelope in developing new and useful items for the world’s rotorcraft users.

“This is why we have expanded our number of sales locations, in response to strong customer demand,” said Ghaleb. “When DART Aerospace says that we are there for you, we mean it.”

James Careless: