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Custom solution providers

At first glance, Essential Turbines Inc. (ETI) of Montreal, Quebec, might seem like any other small maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) shop. However, after speaking with Mike Guntner Jr., its president and co-founder, it’s clear that Essential Turbines is unlike the rest–and is anything but small.

“I don’t even consider ETI an engine MRO facility anymore,” said Guntner. “We use the term Custom Solution Providers.
“Customers come to us with time or delivery constraints. Some have budget constraints. Others want to meet performance targets or customize warranties. Fortunately, we can find a solution to address all of these needs.”

While adhering to the strictest quality assurance requirements, Essential Turbines sets itself apart by being able to provide customized, flexible solutions.

“Despite a critical parts shortage on Rolls-Royce M250 engines, we have kept our clients airworthy,” said Guntner. “They can continue to generate flight revenue by utilizing time-continued (serviceable) parts instead of new, which just aren’t available. In addition, we have a large pool of rental assets in stock.”

Essential Turbines offers three options for replacement parts requirements: overhauled and time-continued parts, new OEM (original equipment manufacturer) selections and new PMA (parts manufacturer approval) options. Depending on which one customers choose, they can save 15 to 25 percent on engine maintenance.

“If you’re spending $50,000 to $100,000 or more on a repair or overhaul, that’s a significant savings,” said Guntner. “Everyone is cost-conscious these days. We offer the finest support by providing the best possible options for all types of customers–from single-aircraft operators to large commercial, government and military organizations. The customer chooses the solution they’re most comfortable with.”

One of the keys to ETI’s success is its adaptable environment and infrastructure, which ensures a more rapid response time. The company’s on-site test cell also provides immediate performance and quality assurances.

Another key is ETI’s close partnership with EXTEX. The mutual support between these two companies has helped each other’s growth and ability to meet operators’ ever-changing needs.

“With 30-plus years of M250 experience, EXTEX is one of the suppliers that has responded most to our requests,” said Guntner. “We share the same focus on customer satisfaction.”

Due to increasing demand, Essential Turbines recently opened its second facility, this one in Vancouver, British Columbia. It also recently acquired equipment to apply a special coating to compressor case halves that will be introduced this year.
These infrastructure improvements are helping ETI establish its vision of worldwide gas turbine engine support–in conjunction with continued expansions to strategic joint ventures already in place throughout Europe, Australasia, and North and South America.

“We have the motivation to create and innovate ways to truly help our customers,” said Guntner. “We will continue building partnerships that give our growing global client base the personal, customized service and solutions they can’t find anywhere else.”

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