A Sikorsky S-70, here armed with 2.75-inch air-to-surface rockets (at left in the photo) and an AGM-114 Hellfire air-tosurface missile (right), was transformed overnight from a civil utility/firefighting machine into a lethal battlefield warrior.

Gunship To Go

The SAL-7000 provides a solution to interfacing handheld portable radios into an aircraft audio system, which is critical for any operator utilizing portable radios and especially for tactical and inter-agency operations. Skye Avionics Photo

The ETM1000 is programmed with the Rotorcraft Flight Manual operating limitations and includes panel mounted pushbutton annunciators that provide caution and warning indication to the pilot. AKV Photo
Vector Aerospace has been granted FAA approval to extend its ADS-B solutions to cover the Airbus Helicopters H120/EC120, H125/AS350, H130/EC130 and H135/EC135 series, with operators able to choose from either the L3 Lynx NGT-9000 or Garmin GTX-345 transponders. Vector Aerospace Photo
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