UH-60 ULLS-A Database Administrator





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Yuma, Arizona USA

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(1) Enforce IA policy, guidance, and trainingrequirements per Army regulations. (2) Ensure implementation of IAVM dissemination,reporting, and compliance procedures. (3) Ensure all users meet the requisite favorablesecurity investigations, clearances, authorization, need-to-know, and securityresponsibilities before granting access to the IS. (4) Ensure users receive initial and annual IAawareness training. (5) Ensure log files and audits are maintained andreviewed for all systems and that authentication (for example, password)policies are audited for compliance. (6) Prepare, distribute, and maintain plans,instructions, and SOPs concerning system security. (8) Ensure that all ISs within their area ofresponsibility are certified, accredited and reaccredited. (9) Manage logistics/maintenance data and reports. (10) Perform queries and trend analysis and produce reports as required. (11) Install software and perform basic systems administration. (12) Prepare daily reports and monthly readiness reports. (13) Define and develop government information requests.Required qualifications to besuccessful in this role:(1) Position requires five (5) years’ experience,plus the ability to successfully demonstrate the required knowledge, skills andabilities.(2) Due to the nature of the government contract requirements and/or clearancerequirements, US citizenship is required. (3) Active DOD Secret Clearance (4) Security + certified (5) IAT Level 2 compliant (6) Ability to work independently in an autonomous environment (7) Leadership skills (8) Ability to plan and prioritize work (9) Ability to train users (10) Ability to develop and deliverbriefings as required (11) Good interpersonal skills and ability to work in harmony with others(12) Ability to communicate effectively in English both orally and in writingDesiredSkills:(1) Strong understanding of US Army Supply and Maintenance policies andprocedures(2) Basic knowledge of SQL skills(3) Knowledge of PC hardware (4) Knowledge or experience with the following: Managing databasesSybase Adaptive Server Anywhere     Microsoft Office Applications(Word, Excel, Access)     Network operating systems     Internet Information Services(5) Knowledge of US Army STAMIS and ArmyLogistics/Maintenance systems such as PBUSE, MICAS, SAAS, LMP, SARSS, MMIS,ULLS, and SAMS TypicalExperience & Education:   Theincumbent must possess one of the following: Experience supporting ULLS-A (E),such as but not limited to the equivalent of Data Base Administrator, DBA,within an army aviation maintenance organization, whether active, guard orreserve, and/or experience in small computer/network support, IT industrystandard certification or an Associate’s degree in a similar computer relatedfield of study. A proven understanding of TAMMS-A desired, however, can beintroduced during in-processing and evaluation process as applicable. Must haveexperience with various Microsoft operating systems and a general understandingof common network services. Must demonstrate well developed problem solving,technical, writing and reading comprehension skills.     Must be able to read, write, speak andunderstand English. Must be able to follow written and oral instructions andhave the ability to work with others to effect solutions to ordinarysituations/problems. Must have excellent communication skills (oral and written).Must be able to interact and communicate with technical and non-technicalpersonnel. Must be able to plan and prioritize work assignments with littlesupervision. Must be willing and able to deal with the customers, employees andgeneral public in a courteous and professional manner. Must be able to meet anyGovernment/Company licensing/qualification requirements for the position. Mustbe able to obtain the level of Industrial Security Clearance required by theGovernment. Work 10 hours Mon-Thur OFF every Friday.  Three day week-ends with your family.Major Medical, Vision, Dental, Prescriptions, etc.