UH-60 Flight Instructor




Pilot-Rotary Wing

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Pilot-Rotary Wing


Special Applications Group, LLC


Warsaw, Poland, Florida International

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Must have completed a formal US Military UH-60 aircraft qualification course and served in an operational US Military combat unit with a minimum of 2000 rotary wing flight hours.Must be qualified in the UH-60M with a minimum of 500 flight hours in the M-Model.Must be qualified as an UH-60M IP with a minimum of 500 IP hours in the UH-60 series aircraft.Must be NVG qualified with a minimum of 500 NVG hours.Must have experience conducting FRIES, SPIES and Door Gunnery operations.Must be able to conduct effective classroom and non-classroom formal and informal training to Polish Military in their areas of expertise.Must have the ability to conduct effective cross-cultural communications.Special Operations Aviation experience preferred.ADDITIONAL REQUIREMENTSFAA Commercial Pilot License – Rotary WingCurrent passportInternational driver’s licenseFAA Class II Medical CertificateFamiliarity with MS OfficeMust be physically fit and present proper military bearing