Maintenance Operations Center PSD Technician





Job Description:

• Performs functions in a 24/7/365 Maintenance Operations Center which includes Plans, Scheduling, and Documentation Supply, and Engine Management Functions while meeting the requirements of Company Standard Operating Procedures, applicable AFIs, and the PWS.
• Controls, plans and schedules the use and maintenance of aircraft, engines, AGE, AFE, weapons, and associated equipment.
• Establishes maintenance and operations flying schedules. Develops schedules and long-range maintenance plans.
• Forecasts time changes and known requirements to meet timely inspection flow, monitors the deferred discrepancy program, projects airframe and engine capability, monitors scheduling effectiveness, monitors and controls airframe and engine utilization, attends pre-dock meetings. Uses IMDS, CEMS, and REMIS.
• Prepares inspection packages and schedules all jobs for Time Change, TCTO, and aircraft/engine inspections. Monitors the TCTO Program and ensures tine change components are ordered. Reviews TCTO status. Ensures all historical maintenance is documented and updated. Schedules document reviews.
• Performs the duties of SRAN and unit Engine Manager, or acts as a liaison to the SRAN Engine Manager including reporting.
• Conducts and attends scheduling meetings as required by Management. Responsible for entering data correctly into appropriate data base systems. Accomplishes maintenance of TO files.
• Controls and coordinates maintenance activities throughout the maintenance complex.
• Responds to emergency, contingency, and exercise situations using established check sheets. Coordinates and monitors the physical movement of aircraft and coordinates maintenance schedules, actions, and priority changes. Monitors radio net to update status boards. Dispatches personnel. Controls and directs maintenance support requirements during emergencies, exercises, and contingencies.
• Practices good housekeeping, tool control, FOD awareness/prevention, and safety at all times.
• Perform other duties as assigned by Management.


M1 Support Services


Minot North Dakota, USA


#8226; Knowledge and experience in MOC, scheduling, aircraft documentation, EMOC, IMDS, CEMS, REMIS, and MS Office software.#8226; USAF or equivalent Scheduling formal military training desired.#8226; Recent experience in production coordination and aircraft and maintenance scheduling (2 years within the last 5 years).#8226; Extensive knowledge of applicable USAF AFIs relating to MOC, PS D, and Engine Management.#8226; Ability to move about both inside aircraft hangar and outside on aircraft ramp within close proximity of running equipment and aircraft. Ability/willingness to fly on military aircraft in performance of job requirements. Willing to travel on occasion.#8226; Must be able to speak, read, write, and understand English.#8226; High school diploma or equivalent.#8226; Able to obtain and maintain a Secret security clearance.#8226; Maintain a clean and organized work place.#8226; Must have excellent interpersonal and communication skills.#8226; Must be reliable, self-motivated, and able to deal with stressful situations and timelines while maintaining a professional and non-confrontational attitude.#8226; Hold a valid Drivers' License.