King Air C90 – B200 Captain – Midwest




Pilot-Fixed Wing

Job Description:

Pilot-Fixed Wing


LifeSave Transport


Wichita, Kansas USA

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Minimum Experience Preferred:   1500 hours Total Time 750 Hours PIC 250 Hours Multi Relative Operational Experience EMS Experience Preferred King Air Experience Preferred License / Certifications: ATP / Commercial AMEL and Instrument Current FAA Class 1 or 2 Medical Certificate Additional: Must meet a suited crew weight of less than 240 pounds Must be able to lift 40 pounds of weight Must be able to pull, push and maneuver a sled with patient weighing in excess of 200 pounds (this is not a lifting maneuver) When applying, please note the following information in your email: Your Total Flight Time Your King Air C90 Total Time The date of your last King Air C90 PC flight The date of your last King Air C90 flight