Pilot-Rotary Wing

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Pilot-Rotary Wing


ASD Global


Wheeler Army Airfield, Hawaii USA

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Performs duties as an Instructor Pilot (IP), Instrument Examiner (IE) and Instructor/Operator (I/O) in a designated Aircraft Simulation Device. As an Instructor Pilot the Aviator will train and evaluate aviators and other personnel in designated aircraft per the Aircrew Training Manual (ATM) and Unit's Aircrew Training Program (ATP). As an Instrument Examiner the aviator will conduct instrument training and instrument flight evaluation per the ATM. Instruction may include any combination of Individual or Group instruction in an academic classroom environment and/or an aircraft simulator. Instruction includes any and all aspects of aviation training designated by the aircraft ATM and Unit's ATP.Operates the designated training device for the conduct of training. As a Subject Matter Expert (SME) for the simulation device assigned to and may be extensively involved in research and development for simulation upgrades, insuring cockpit configuration concurrency. Requires an up-to-date knowledge of Physiological Factors of Flight, Aerodynamics, Meteorology, ATM of assigned aircraft, Tactical Procedures, Gunnery, Techniques of Instruction. The Aircrew Training Devices Instructor (Pilot) is responsible for the accomplishment of ground-based, and/or aircrew training devices (ATD) training of pilots. As a qualified pilot, the incumbent conducts simulator and other ground training of pilots and other crewmembers in aircraft operating procedures, in-flight IFR/VFR, operational and tactical procedures, measures training progress of pilot students and diagnosis and remediate problems, provides input on needed corrections, modification and updates to courseware and to training policies and procedures. Assists in projects and development work as assigned, and maintains a high level of current subject knowledge, capability, and expertise. The I/O shall support all phases of user effort such as: Planning, coordination, preparation, operation, and instruction Briefing and train up Scenario development, modification, and testing System initialization, calibration, and set up/reset All facets of execution and role player functions as required Debriefings and AARs