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Pilot-Rotary Wing

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Pilot-Rotary Wing




Fort Rucker, Alabama USA

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*Minimum Requirements  • Must possess a ICAO equivalent or FAA commercial pilot certificate and an ICAO equivalent or FAA flight instructor certificate with rotorcraft category, helicopter class and instrument helicopter ratings on both certificates, or be a graduate of any DOD rotary wing instructor pilot course for rotary wing aircraft.• Total Flight Time - 1500 hrs. Flight time as pilot-in-command or second in command (per FAR 61.51); as Pilot in Command (PC) or Pilot (PI) (Per AR 95-1) in aircraft of any weight or category is creditable for this requirement.• Must certify having a combination of 100 hours of hooded instrument, flight simulator instrument, or weather pilot time.• Must have instructed students in instrument flight training.• Night Flying - 75.• Instructor Time - 500.• Must have a current FAA Second Class Medical Certificate prior to beginning MOI training.• Must not exceed 250 pounds in flight duty uniform.*Preferred Qualifications  UH-72 Qualified