Helicopter Pilot




Pilot-Rotary Wing

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Pilot-Rotary Wing




Mississauga, Ontario Canada

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Valid commercial Rotary-wing (H) License; 500 Rotary-wing hours;Completed ATPL Exams;Valid Group 4 Instrument Rating;Night Rating;Valid Class 1 Medical;An AW-139 Type Rating and EMS experience is desirable;Ability to successfully complete the Controlled Goods Security Assessment Application for Night Vision Goggle purposes;Valid Canadian Passport or ability to work in Canada and ability to travel to the USA; andImmunization records with required vaccinations.HOURS AND LOCATION OF WORK: Pilots are required to work various shifts and overtime, including day and night shifts and weekends in a 24/7 environment, including days, afternoons and nights on weekdays, weekends, and statutory holidays;During the course of their shift duties, Pilots will be required to overnight away from their home base;Successful candidates must live or be willing to relocate within close proximity to the assigned base location, and reside or have a location that permits compliance with the CARs rest requirements between shifts and allows arrival at their assigned base within one and one half hour of callout when on an on-call shift; andEmployees may be required to use respiratory protective equipment and they shall co-operate in attaining an effective fit of the equipment and in particular, be clean shaven to ensure an effective facial seal to provide for the health and safety of all employees.