FT Base Mechanic





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Apollo MedFlight


Borger, Texas USA

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Essential duties & responsibilities:1.Performs maintenance and repairs on aircraft for which the Maintenance Technician is assigned and qualified.2.Approves aircraft for return to service after scheduled or unscheduled maintenance for which he is authorized and qualified. 3.Reports all inoperative or faulty equipment to the Director of Maintenance, or his designee.4.Completes all paperwork for maintenance that is performed.5.Ensures that hangar workshops, and other areas assigned are maintained in an orderly manner.6.Maintains an adequate tool kit.7.Will participate in Cockpit Resource Management (CRM) techniques and provide input where appropriate for operations decision.8.Will positively represent Integra Aviation & Apollo MedFlight to customers, employees and patients through action, behavior and communication.9.Will actively participate in the Integra and Apollo safety program.10.Maintenance Technicians will not work longer than 14 hours in a 24-hour period. Qualification Standards1.Two years of fixed wing experience as a Maintenance Technician2.FAA certificate as Airframe Mechanic and Powerplant Mechanic3.Must live in, or be willing to immediately relocate to Amarillo, Texas or Borger, Texas.