Director of Safety Responsibilities





Job Description:

Establish Safety Goals, Objectives and Safety Performance Indicators/MeasuresPlan, Coordinate and Conduct Quarterly Safety MeetingsDevelop Flight risk assessments for Powerline Construction and Maintenance, Firefighting and Flight TrainingRefine and monitor Flight and Ground Risk AnalysesDevelop BFS SMS Training for All EmployeesReview Safety Risk Controls for relevance, effectiveness and unintended consequences(Operations Manual, SOPs, Checklists, etc.)Develop a BFS Company Risk ProfileReview and integrate, as appropriate, company Operations Manual, Training Manual,Emergency Response Plan and SMS ManualDetermine audit standards to be used for auditing purposes (IS-BAO, HAI-APS, UPAC, etc.)Develop and disseminate Lessons Learned on significant eventsCreate or acquire All Employee mailing list for safety information distributionDevelop BFS forms for transmitting Safety Alerts, Operations Safety Notices, and Maintenance Safety NoticesConduct Emergency Response Plan Training and ERP DrillsMonitor company risks and effected controlsConduct internal auditsConduct internal evaluationsTrack corrective actions for effectiveness and unintended consequencesConduct Safety Performance AnalysisConduct Safety Management ReviewsCoordinate External auditsSelect and train internal auditorsDevelop and maintain internal evaluation schedulePrepare and conduct company-wide safety culture surveyManage PRISM Safety Locker and websiteManage employee safety training and PRISM Training TrackerPrepare an annual Safety Performance Report for CEO and one for employees


Billings Flying Service, Inc.


Billings Montana, USA