CRS Part 145 Accountable Manager





Job Description:



Bighorn Airways, Inc.


Sheridan, Wyoming USA

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Required Skills This position is primarily responsible for daily operational oversight of the BHA 145 Repair Station as well as assisting in pursuing revenue growth opportunities.  An ideal candidate will possess the following skills;Be solution minded and have the ability to retain situational awareness while dealing with complex details of individual projects.Ability to delegate effectively and require accountability while developing personnel, including meeting established deadlines.Have strong time management skills and the ability to compartmentalize tasks based on priorities.Possess strong personal organizational skills and the ability to improve the organization and functionality of existing systems.Take a forward looking approach to regulatory compliance and positioning the CRS for successful capture of CRS revenue growth opportunities.Have the ability to accurately quote outside work, manage challenges to effective solutions, and deliver a high quality product on-time.Be able to develop documented processes for regulatory compliance and increasing quality and efficiency.Be a tireless promoter of maintaining the company philosophy of safety, taking care of our people, business ethics, and standing behind the quality and value of our work. Excellent salary opportunity!Employee benefit package offered which includes company co-pay health insurance, paid holidays and paid annual vacations.Sheridan,WY is a highly desirable area located at the base of the Bighorn Mountains. The Sheridan area has endless recreational opportunities, excellent schools, and anoverall high quality of life. Qualified candidates may forward a resume and cover letter to; Erin Traub, Human Resources [email protected],