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Pilot-Fixed Wing

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Pilot-Fixed Wing


Upper Limit Aviation, Inc


Salt Lake City, Utah USA

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Essential Job Functions:• Perform those flight instructor duties authorized by the Federal Aviation Regulations in accordance with the approved Training Course Outline.• Ensure all students understand and practice all aspects of Upper Limit’s Aviation Safety Program.• Regularly schedule each assigned student to ensure satisfactory progress through the course and immediately inform supervisor of any delays in training or satisfactory progress.• Responsible for accurately maintaining all appropriate records to include student training record, student logbook, and computer records.• Ensure that all assigned students as stipulated in the applicable Training Course Outline meet course standards, training requirements, and objectives.• Initiate stage check requests for assigned students.• Responsible for the timely course completion of all flight students assigned, including completion of required paperwork.• Monitor the maintenance condition of the training aircraft, and inform Upper Limit Aviation maintenance personnel of any questionable items.• Recommend curriculum and courseware improvements when appropriate and develop new curriculum or courseware as assigned.• File incident reports as necessary to report any observed safety violations, or situations that may affect the safety of flight.• Conduct tours of facilities and familiarize customers with Upper Limit’s policies, procedures, and flight training courses.• Attend administrative, standardization, in-service training, and instructor development meetings as assigned. Minimum Requirements:• 200 hours total logged flight time (Preferred)• FAA Certified Flight Instructor• Must hold a current FAA Class I, or Class II Medical Certificate.• Bravo Airspace experience • Pass Upper Limit Aviation’s initial and on-going drug and alcohol testing program.• Aircraft piloting skills, including familiarity with and ability to perform required flight maneuvers and procedures.• Knowledge of and ability to apply effective instructional technique in the classroom and in flight.• Knowledge of appropriate Federal Aviation Regulations and related administrative and operational procedures and requirements.• Ability to work well under pressure in fast-paced and noisy environment while exercising sound judgment at all times.• Strong customer service skills.• Perform an average of 40 instructional hours per two-week pay period. Maintain 80% pass rate for final review and stage checks.Preferred Qualifications:• CFII rating• MEI rating• Density Altitude flying above 5,000 feet• Instrument Ground Instructor (IGI) experience a plus• Advanced Ground Instruction (AGI) preferred To apply send your resume to: [email protected] Upper Limit Aviation is an Equal Opportunity Employer