Aviation Simulator Instructor Operator




Pilot-Rotary Wing

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Pilot-Rotary Wing


PULAU Corporation


Camp Dodge, Iowa USA

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3 years related experience required. Qualified as an Instructor Pilot in the UH-60 Blackhawk Aviation Trainer (BAT) aircraft simulator and an Instrument Examiner (IE) and Instructor/Operator (I/O), or have documented three years of experience as an Aviation Simulator I/O in the required aircraft device.Prior experience training or operating with Army Aviation (or Military Equivalent).Possible travel to other CONUS installations where simulators are fielded or deployed or where a unit is conducting extended training operations, such as New Equipment Training or Mobilization Training; or to the simulator’s original equipment manufacturer (OEM) facility to receive initial training.Periodically the transportable simulators may be moved to support training temporarily.The I/O will move with the simulator.May be required to enter into Temporary Duty (TDY) at another location to support required training.Travel required when assigned simulator is moved and used at a different location.Travel required in order to participate in Unit Fielding Training Programs (UFTP) with their assigned simulators.Able to obtain/maintain a secret clearance.