Attack Group Standardization Evaluation (SEV) Tactics Advisor




Technical Writer

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Technical Writer


Flight Test Aerospace, Inc


Kabul, Kabol Afghanistan, International International

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RESPONSIBILITIES / DUTIES: - Develop AAF sustainable Tactics/SEV programs and instructions. - Advise and assist the AAF on training and scheduling as required to sustain AAF operations. - Ensure the Tactics/SEV functions are similar to those in USAF Weapons and Tactics and USAF Standards and Evaluations offices within Operations Groups and flying squadrons and tailored to meet the needs of the AAF. - Ensure technological support functions include maintenance of associated mission planning computers and electronic flight bags (EFBs) with associated software. REQUIRED NATIONALITY: (Applicant must be a citizen of one of the following Countries)US, or NATO country REQUIRED EDUCATION: - High school diploma or GED. - Graduateof a Flight Training Program at the Commercial, Instrument Pilot Level DESIRED EDUCATION:Bachelor of Science REQUIRED EXPERIENCE:Prior Experience in at least one of the following roles: -Forward Air Controller -Attack Air Mission Commander (AH or OH) -Attack Flight Lead or fighter Pilot in Command Experience developing tactics and weaponeering (NATO, US, or equivalent)Experience creating unit level training schedules (NATO, US, or equivalent)Experience in a military tactical fighter or attack squadron (NATO, US, or equivalent)Experience with flight standardization and evaluation (NATO, US, or equivalent) DESIRED EXPERIENCE:Prior experience as a trainer with the Afghan Air Force (or similar role in another austere location developing host nation capacity) REQUIRED LICENSE / CERTIFICATION:Military or Civilian Pilot's license DESIRED LICENSE / CERTIFICATION:Graduate of Fighter Weapons School or Equivalent (US Army TACOPS or SIP for AH/OH included) REQUIRED KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS, AND ABILITIES:Ability to independently develop and implement a standardization programAbility to independently develop and implement best practice tactics, ensuring mission successAbility to effectively Coach, Teach, and Mentor foreign (Afghan) forcesAble to work without sitting for up to 8 hoursAble to lift and carry 45 lbsAble to pass US CENTCOM Physical Fitness RequirementsAble to pass a non-criminal background check from home countryAble and willing to deploy to and reside in Afghanistan and relocate to other FOBs/ operational areas upon request, to include hostile and austere areasProficient in the use of Microsoft Office products (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)Willing and able to comply with all theater command policies, regulations and General Orders  DESIRED KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS, AND ABILITIES:Ability to speak Dari or Pashto