AP Technician





Job Description:

- Airbus / Bell helicopter maintenance technician, perform periodical inspections and repair discrepancies found during the inspection process. Ability to travel and be a self starter and a team player. - Must be able to read, understand and accomplish maintenance manual procedures. -Must be able to research and order parts.-Must be able to accomplish tasks within allotted time, and communicate with Lead Technicians.-Ensuring that the repair and installations of all articles and components within their jurisdiction is accomplished within the authority of the repair station and that the Quality Assurance Department, when applicable inspects the work.-The proper handling of all parts while in repair process through the shop and when work is completed.-To ensure that the maintenance of the shop premises is kept in a clean and orderly manner. All shop equipment is put back to proper location after use.


AeroBrigham, LLC


Decatur Texas, USA


AirBus / Bell helicopter maintenance experice (minimum three years) Inspections, modifications and flight line duties