Aircraft Mechanic 1 (Prop Shop)





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Fort Campbell, Kentucky USA

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High school graduate or equivalent is desirable.Five (5) years actual and recent, aircraft systems experience desired; three (3) years required.Thorough knowledge of technical publications related to aircraft.Must have knowledge of the scope and limitation of various categories of maintenance and their application to the contract unit.Must know theory and principles of mechanical principles.Knowledge of properties of materials and oils.Must be able to read, interpret and use manufacturer’s maintenance manuals, service bulletins, blueprints, data tables and other specifications to determine feasibility and method to repair or replace malfunctioning or damaged components.Must possess and maintain a valid driver’s license and be able to operate a government general-purpose vehicles.Must have a thorough knowledge of the correct application and use of common hand tools, specialized shop equipment, and precision measuring equipment utilized in inspections, and repairs of aircraft flight control bearings and bushings. Must be able to accurately measure tolerances within 1/10,000 (0.0001) Inch.Must be able to teardown, clean, inspect, order parts, repair, and rebuild AH-64, CH-47, and UH-60 Heads.Must be able to teardown, clean, inspect, order parts, repair, and rebuild AH-64, CH-47, and UH-60 Flight Controls.Prefer a school trained Aircraft Powertrain Repairer.Must be knowledgeable in bearing and bushing replacements.Must have thorough knowledge of the rotor system principals.Must be able to prepare forms and records related to aircraft maintenance.Must be able to work with hazardous particulates, solvents, adhesives, and sealants using correct personal protective equipment.Must have working knowledge of the identification and correct handling of Aviation Critical Safety Items (CSI’s) and their Critical Characteristics (CC’s).Must be a self-starter, and be able to prioritize workloads while working multiple projects simultaneously.Must have basic knowledge of aircraft corrosion control methods.Must be able to work in extreme heat and cold.Must have safety shoes, rain gear, cold wear gear, and safety glasses required.Must provide personal tools per minimum tool listing and have those tools shadowed and ready for initial inspection on the first day of employment.Must be able to perform routine administrative tasks using Windows-based desktop computer.Must be able to obtain a CAC card.