A & P Mechanic (Florida Keys)





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Florida Keys Mosquito Control District


Marathon, Florida USA

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Essential Functions (Without Accommodations): 1.Check and determine the need and extent of repair and maintenance to be made to Districtaircraft so that aircraft stays in proper working order. 2.Perform pre and post flight inspections and maintain District owned aircraft under theperiodic inspection program specified by the FAA for charter aircraft in orderto provide a reasonable assurance that aircraft are functioning properly. 3.Fuel aircraft and load with chemicals as required so that aircraft have enough fueland chemicals for each mission. 4.Perform equipment calibration prior to missions to ensure proper amounts of chemicalsare released from aircraft. 5.Perform inspections and repairs in order to submit any FAA required documents to the DOM. 6.Maintain and rebuild aircraft engines and airframe as needed with an objective of allaircraft being in fully operable conditions. 7.Assist in the design and fabrication or modification of special equipment such as liquidand dry application equipment resulting in fully functioning equipment toassist in the abatement of mosquito populations. 8.Prepare requisitions and work orders under the direction of the Aircraft MaintenanceSupervisor for parts and materials needed to maintain district aircraft in a constant state of readiness. 9.Perform routine maintenance and repair to facilities in order to keep the building ingood working order. 10.Operate forklifts and other ground support equipment as needed to help complete tasks. 11.Assist ground operations when needed with maintenance, repair, and operation ofvehicles and spray equipment as necessary in order to have functioning groundequipment. 12.Follow Federal and State laws and District policies regarding health and safety to ensure compliance. Since our organization is going to change to meet the needs of public health, environmental conservation, and the District, you can expect, anticipate, and assume that your job description will change to meet these challenges. Knowledge:Knowledge of FAA rules and regulations governing configuration, restrictions, and modification of aircraft used for aerial pesticide applicationKnowledge of the principles and techniques of aircraft maintenanceKnowledge of general maintenance, repair, and servicing techniques Abilities & Skills: Ability to operate machinery, vehicles, and material handling equipmentAbility to receive instructions and to perform tasks assigned in a safe and efficient mannerMust be able to operate a forklift   Required Qualifications:Completed high school education or equivalent trade school education10 years experience in aircraft maintenance: experience with Bell and Airbus helicopters.Must have an Airframe and Power plant LicenseMust be licensed in “Public Health Pest Control” from the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services or able to obtain such certification within one year Preferred Qualifications:Hold a valid CDL License, or acquire within 6 months. Experience with Airbus H-125, Bell 206, Bell L-4