The newly rebranded Guardian Flight operates around 100 aircraft across the U.S. Guardian Flight Photo
quipped with Fortem TrueView radar, DroneHunter includes an autonomous guidance system and an open command and control platform to detect, identify and tow away hostile drones within a secured geo-fenced perimeter.
Voom is building the future of urban air mobility today by making helicopter transportation accessible and affordable to urban commuters.
This potentially lifesaving technology is achieved using cellular broadband data and a Wi-Fi or ethernet Internet connection to access Zoll online account and LifePak LIFENET systems.
Copter 4, a Bell UH-1H operated by the Santa Barbara Sheriff’s Department, medevacs a man from Platform Hill House who suffered from an industrial accident. Matt Udkow Photo
Hayat joined CHC in 2015 and has been a key part of the company’s restructuring and global compliance efforts. CHC Photo