Meet the Cherry Capital Airport K-9 team


A Question of Public Use

Coast Guard Air Station Houston responds to search and rescue requests after Hurricane Harvey in Houston, Texas, on Aug. 27. USCG Petty Officer 3rd Class Johanna Strickland Photo

Helicopters respond to Hurricane Harvey

Sikorsky has been developing its Matrix Technology autonomy kit in SARA, an S-76 retrofitted with fly-by-wire flight controls. According to Sikorsky director of autonomous programs Igor Cherepinsky, the larger platform has been helpful in accommodating the supercomputer in the back of the aircraft: “We’re not limited by payload or power, we can experiment all we want.” Ted Carlson Photo

The Robot Co-Pilot

Leveraging Chuck Aaron’s considerable aerobatic experience in the MBB Bo.105, the FX LLC course puts pilots into some extreme unusual attitudes — but also emphasizes flying in ways to avoid them.

Upsetting the Accepted

A rescue swimmer gives the thumbs up to the winch operator during a training exercise off the coast of Catania, Sicily, the home of Guardia Costiera’s 2° Nucleo Aereo.

Saving Lives in the Mediterranean

A Flight For Life AS350 B3. The design of the AS350 hydraulic system was at the center of the NTSB's investigation into the crash of a Flight For Life AS350 B3e on July 3, 2015. Mike Reyno Photo

Flight For Life: Anatomy of an Accident

Aerometals submitted its initial STC application for the S-92 filter to the FAA in March 2012.

Aerometals prevails in certification of S-92 IBF