"Helicopters are always in high demand, and the ability to evacuate soldiers that have serious injuries quickly . . . is always going to be an in-demand capability. So this is just the continued evolution of the Chinook," said LCol Darryl Adams. Mike Reyno Photo

Chinook to the rescue

Bell's new 407GXi offers operators new avionics and upgraded engines. Bell Image

Bell unveils 407GXi

Honeywell launches RECON next-gen HUMS system

While the RCAF has outlined a limited life-extension project for the CH-146 that would upgrade avionics and some communications systems, it is also considering investing in a new platform. Mike Reyno Photo

Cormorant, Griffon upgrade projects get new lift

Bell-Boeing has no active program in Canada for the Osprey, but at a January briefing at its production facilities in Philadelphia, company officials highlighted the V22’s range and recent safety record, its ability to work in austere environments, without runways, and a program of record that is only just beginning to tap international sales. Boeing Photo

Rare birds: An Osprey for the Arctic?

At present, the RCAF does not have an approved project to upgrade the CH-147F Chinook fleet, but it is seeking to improve the weapons system through the normal project approval process to "maintain relevance and compliance." Mike Reyno Photo

Investing in the CH-147F Chinook

Transport Canada’s new rules for the visual line-of-sight operation of UAVs weighing 25 kilograms or less are expected to be released next spring. Mike Reyno Photo

Transport Canada working to reform UAV regs

Participants of Maple Resolve used a fictitious scenario in which they fought against simulated threats using tactics, weaponry, and technology. The goal was to hone their skills within a realistic, evolving, and challenging operating environment. Allan Joyner Photo

Testing tactical aviation decision-making